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Slate 1 to 3 inch - main image of slate stone. aquarim, reptiles, crafts,
Slate 1-3 inches - Small terrarium stones
Slate 1 to 3 inch -  image for size reference of slate stone. aquarium, reptiles, crafts
Slate 1-3 inch - Miniature Garden stone and gravel
Slate 1-3 inch - planted terrarium stone
Slate 1-3 inches - Aquarium with stones creating a wall or berm
Slate 1-3 - Stones in planted aquarium tank
Slate | 1 to 3 inch
Slate 1-3 inches - stone cave in aquarium
Slate 1-3 inch Axolotl aquarium

Slate | 1 to 3 inch

Small World Slate & Stone

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  • Our slate is 100% natural stone that has been sourced, washed, hand picked, and packaged by a family owned business in the USA.  Each box is a mix of stone from 1 to 3 inches (some stones may be slightly above or below this range). 
  • Excellent for aquariums; aquascaping, Iwagumi and nano tanks.  The deep grey color is beautiful in a planted tank. Create cliffs, caves, berms and walls.  Use in conjunction with our larger pieces, smaller stone and aquarium gravel to create a realistic scene.  This is a great size to attach to smaller driftwood or aquatic plants to keep it from floating
  • Perfect for reptile enclosures as basking and climbing stones and feeding stations. These stones naturally hold heat well. Create water falls, berms and walls in your Terrarium, Paludarium or Vivarium using aquarium safe glue
  • The color is a beautiful, deep grey matte, with a hint of blue, that is darker when wet.  Because this is a natural stone, there may be some white quartz veining or other surface discoloration. These beautiful variations add a natural uniqueness and interest to the stones
  • Thoroughly rinse all stones before placing in your habitat. Absolutely no coatings on this or any of our stone.  

Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

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Daniel Reeve
Best slate on the market!

Small World sells the best slate on the market! After sampling some of the competitors I just keep coming back here. All of the rocks are so unique and just the right size for what I need. I recently purchased a custom sized bag from them and am extremely happy with the rocks I received. I'll be back for more soon!

Hayley M.
Pretty nice, but kinda overpriced.

If I saw this 2 pound bag of stones in the store for $16, would I pay that much? No, probably not. That being said, they’re aesthetically pleasing in my aquarium and made a decently “cave” in a 10 gallon shrimp tank. For the price of the average aquarium decor, it was a decent price for my use.

Raphael Perez
Real stone

The stone is nice and fit perfectly for my aqua scape, just make sure you wash them before placing them in a tank with live fish as they do come a bit dusty. I put mines in a bag of water for a hour or 2. Overall pretty nice

Slate rocks little smaller than expected

Using the rocks for a bird bath and I thought they would be around the size of a dollar. These are pretty small. They will work but I would have to order another bag to make the foutian what I imagined. It's not bad just expected a bigger size.


Good rocks for aquarium. Did the job. Yeah, yeah, okay rocks I guess. 👍🏻