Quality Stone for Small World Hobbyists

Thank you for visiting Small World Slate & Stone!  We supply "Small World" hobbyists and artists with quality stone, gravel and sand.  Our products can be found in aquariums, bonsai, miniature gardens, terrain basing, stone art, carving and much more!  All of our products are 100% natural.  They are hand sorted washed, and packaged right here in the USA, by a family owned business, with quality and consistency in mind.

Aquariums, Terrariums & Paludariums

Ranging in size from sand to 10 inches, or larger with custom pieces, our beautiful slate stone and aquarium gravel is sure to be a show stopper!  Create caves, ledges, walls, waterfalls, cliffs, embankments and more with this versatile stone!  Check out this collection for your "scape"

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Reptile Enclosures

In the world of reptiles, stone is used for climbing, basking, feeding, hiding and hardscapes.  With sizes ranging from 1 inch to 10 inches or larger custom pieces, you can create caves, water falls, ledges, walls, cliffs, embankments and more!  Check out this collection for your habitat

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Terrain Basing & Miniature Models

This collection is for all things miniature. Use these in your "Small World" scenes such as model trains, dioramas, wargaming, miniature gardens and hardscapes. These unique small-scale stones are perfect mini version of their larger counterparts

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Bonsai, Succulents & Miniature Gardens

In the Small World of plants fungi and moss, these stones really stand out. Show off all the colors in your terrarium, mossarium, succulent, bonsai or miniature garden. Create stunning miniature water falls, ledges, embankments, and walls

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