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Small World Slate & Stone

Natural Black Slate (dark grey) - 1 to 3 Inches Stones

Natural Black Slate (dark grey) - 1 to 3 Inches Stones

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Small World Slate & Stone is proud to offer our newest slate. This BEAUTIFUL black slate (dark grey) is 100% natural. They have been sourced, washed, and packaged by our family owned business in the USA. They are safe to use in your scenery and will not deteriorate. Perfect for Aquariums and Reptile enclosures. Create caves, cliffs, basking areas, berms, water falls and walls in your aquarium, terrarium, paludarium, vivarium or miniature garden. These stones are easy to incorporate into your tank or enclosure and pair beautifully with our larger stones and smaller gravel to give a more realistic look to your "Small World". Thoroughly rinse all stones before placing in your habitat. Absolutely no coatings on this or any of our stone.

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