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Small World Slate & Stone

Natural Black Slate Gravel (dark grey) | Aquarium Substrate - 1/8"-1/4"

Natural Black Slate Gravel (dark grey) | Aquarium Substrate - 1/8"-1/4"

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Small World Slate & Stone is proud to offer this beautiful small scale gravel.  It is sourced, sorted, washed and packaged by our family owned business in the USA.  100% natural with absolutely NO coatings on this or any of our products.  Each package is a mix of coarse sand sized from 1/8"-1/4" (some of the gravel may be slightly above or below this range).

This substrate is a beautiful, deep grey/black color, with a slight luster when the light catches it.  It is absolutely beautiful in a saltwater tank as well as planted tank as the grey/black color makes wood, plants and other inhabitants and decorations pop.   Perfect for large or small aquariums!    Because this is a natural stone, some white and brown stones may be mixed in, which add to the natural look. 

CLEANING INSTRUCTIONS: Even though it has been washed, this substrate will arrive quite dusty due to shipping and handling.  This is normal for this stone.  Be sure to wash this gravel repeatedly, in water ONLY, until water runs clear (or mostly clear).  It is common for dust to float on the surface during rinsing and filling.  Place cleaned gravel in your empty tank (no water), and decorate the tank before adding water.  In order to keep cloudiness to a minimum, place a clean bowl or other shallow container (glass or ceramic is best) on the bottom of the tank and fill the tank by pouring the water into the container.   Allow the water to overflow the container slowly so as not to disturb the substrate.  As with most substrates, some cloudiness in the water (or stone dust floating on the surface) is to be expected when the tank is first filled.  This will clear with proper filtration in a day or two. 
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